These 19 States Are Sending Stimulus Checks: Who Cam Claim? Payment Amounts and Dates

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19 States Are Sending Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks are payments made by the government to help people during tough economic times. They are meant to boost spending and help the economy. In 2024, while the federal government has stopped issuing these checks, many states are stepping in to provide financial help to their residents.

These 19 States Are Sending Stimulus Checks

Let’s look at which states are sending stimulus checks, how much they’re giving, and when you can expect to receive them.



Payment: Over $1300
Date: Typically in May
Details: The Permanent Fund Dividend gives annual payments to eligible Alaska residents from mineral and state oil revenues. To qualify, you must have lived in Alaska for a full year and filed a PFD application by the deadline.


Payment: Up to $1050
Date: Begins in October
Details: The Middle-Class Tax Refund offers financial help to single filers earning less than $75,000 or married couples earning less than $150,000.



Payment: $750 for individuals, $1500 for joint filers
Date: Begins in January 2024
Details: Colorado offers stimulus checks and tax rebates to residents who filed a 2021 tax return.


Payment: $300
Date: March
Details: Delaware residents who meet income requirements and have a valid mailing address are eligible for the relief rebate.



Payment: $450 per vehicle
Date: Began in January 2024
Details: Florida provides Gas Relief Payments from pandemic aid funds to households receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.


Payment: $250 for single filers, $500 for joint filers
Date: Began in April
Details: Georgia offers rebates to residents who filed a 2021 state income tax return.



Payment: $250 for single filers, $500 for joint filers
Date: Began in April 2024
Details: Hawaii grants tax rebates to residents who filed a 2021 state income tax return.


Payment: Up to $75
Date: March or April
Details: Idaho offers Property Tax Relief Rebates to homeowners who qualify for the homeowners exemption.



Payment: Varies based on income and property tax liability
Date: Expected late 2024
Details: Illinois provides Property Tax Rebates and Tax Credits to residents who filed a 2021 income tax return.


Payment: Up to $400
Date: Expected to begin in July 2024
Details: Maine offers a One-Time Heating Assistance Payment to residents who heat their homes with oil or propane.



Details: Maryland is considering rebate programs for property or income taxes. Stay updated on the state’s official website.


Details: Michigan is running a guaranteed income pilot program, providing ongoing financial assistance to a limited number of residents.


New Mexico

Details: No confirmed stimulus programs yet, but tax rebates or relief measures are possible.

North Carolina

Details: No current checks assistance, but a property tax relief program might be available for qualifying residents.



Details: No official announcements about stimulus programs yet.

South Carolina

Details: No confirmed eligibility, dates, or amounts yet.



Details: Texas has the Permanent Fund Dividend, which distributes revenues from natural resources to residents.


Details: No state stimulus programs, but some local assistance initiatives might be available.



Details: Washington offers a property tax relief program for qualifying residents, which isn’t a stimulus check but helps with property taxes.


What are stimulus checks?

Stimulus checks are payments from the government to help people during economic hardships. They aim to boost spending and support the economy.


Why are states sending stimulus checks in 2024?

Many states are providing financial help to residents to combat rising inflation and ease the burden on taxpayers.

How do I find out if my state is sending stimulus checks?

Check the details provided for each state or visit your state’s official government website for the latest updates.


What should I do if I don’t receive my stimulus check?

Contact your state’s relevant authority or department for assistance if you don’t receive your stimulus check as expected.


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