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Annual Report

This summer we took new steps to measure our program’s impact on each camper through a pre-post program survey. The data we collected shows campers are positively increasing their affinity for nature, building leadership and interpersonal skills, and increasing confidence and self-esteem, all while participating in meaningful environmental sustainability education.

We have big goals for our 2020 Camp Colley season. We are working to extend our program sessions to five days and four nights to deepen camper growth from program participation. We intend to increase the number of Phoenix children served by 150 or more. Lastly, we’re exploring implementing year-round environmental programming at Phoenix community centers for increased learning and personal growth.

Camp Colley programs are 100% funded by individual donors, local community foundations and Arizona businesses. Please consider making a gift to the Camp Colley Foundation today to support our efforts to provide robust programming to hundreds of Phoenix children during the 2020 summer season.