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Camp Colley News, Events, and Updates Highlighting Our Community Impact

Camp Colley Foundation Team Expands

Camp Colley Foundation is celebrating the growth of its Board of Directors and staff team to more successfully achieve its mission to provide outdoor education programming to underserved Phoenix children for positive learning and growth.

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Camp Colley Foundation Takes On Camp Operations

This transition is made possible because of our Board of Directors’ multi-year effort to expand our foundation’s impact. In early 2019 the organization took a major step toward that goal by hiring Richard Berg, a seasoned youth development and camp professional, as our first Executive Director. Now the City of Phoenix, which owns and maintains the camp property, has now entrusted us to fully operate Camp Colley.

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Letter from the Director: Goals for 2017

“Our summer camp provides the space and time for youth to strengthen relationships with peers and adults. Title I schools, after-school programs, and other youth development programs have weekly, and sometimes daily, contact with the kids they serve, making them the ideal complement to the services Camp Colley provides. “

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Letters from Camp: Weekend Family Camp

Protective Factors are the positive counterpoint to risk factors. Relationships with caring, responsible adults (including parents), strong family connections, healthy recreation and hobbies, and resilience are among the most impactful protective factors. When present, they increase positive outcomes for children, families, and communities.

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Letters from Camp: Job Training at Camp Colley

In Phoenix, 1 in 5 of our young adults ages 16-24 are neither working nor in school. It is the highest rate in the nation. This demographic is referred to “Disconnected Youth” or “Opportunity Youth.”

In 2015 Camp Colley partnered with ACYR to provide job training and work experience to disconnected youth as a continuation of our mission to help youth transition successfully into adulthood.

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