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Letters from Camp: Job Training at Camp Colley

In Phoenix, 1 in 5 of our young adults ages 16-24 are neither working nor in school. It is the highest rate in the nation. This demographic is referred to “Disconnected Youth” or “Opportunity Youth.”

In 2015 Camp Colley partnered with ACYR to provide job training and work experience to disconnected youth as a continuation of our mission to help youth transition successfully into adulthood.

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Letters from Camp: Social-Emotional Learning

Learning happens on two levels at camp. There are skills that campers know they are learning through participation in each day’s activities. These include shooting an arrow at the target, paddling a canoe correctly, and making a bird feeder.

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Never Have I Ever: Camp Colley

This may not sound like an amazing weekend to you. In fact, camping, hiking, biking and especially crawdad fishing may not be appealing to you at all; but it was an experience that I’m sure each of these kids and their parents will never forget. I found it amazing because these families were given an opportunity to grow closer and they truly seemed to do so.

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Choices at Camp: What Are Kids Choosing?

by: Kristen Whiteman, Research Intern It’s the first day of camp and the campers are all getting settled in and learning about what camp has to offer. They have many opportunities ahead of them in the coming days at camp, lots of choices to make about what they will... read more

The Role of Mentors in Overcoming Poverty

by Kristen Whiteman, Research Intern The effects of poverty, especially in regards to children, have been identified, studied and researched extensively as societies have sought ways to overcome this hardship. In a recent article in Academic Pediatrics (Chaudry &... read more
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