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Choices at Camp: What Are Kids Choosing?

by: Kristen Whiteman, Research Intern It’s the first day of camp and the campers are all getting settled in and learning about what camp has to offer. They have many opportunities ahead of them in the coming days at camp, lots of choices to make about what they will... read more

The Role of Mentors in Overcoming Poverty

by Kristen Whiteman, Research Intern The effects of poverty, especially in regards to children, have been identified, studied and researched extensively as societies have sought ways to overcome this hardship. In a recent article in Academic Pediatrics (Chaudry &... read more

Learning Resilience on the Mogollon Rim

Resilience is really problem-solving that is triggered by either danger or opportunities that can lead to personal growth (Brendtro & Strother, 2007). When a child engages in a challenging activity in a reassuring, trusted environment, the risk and stress that is associated with the challenge can be managed, allowing for the growth of resilience in an optimal setting. This is the type of environment and activities we provide at Camp Colley.

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What Do Youth Get Out of Camp?

Studies indicate that camp attendance is effective in helping youth transform and develop into more confident, successful, prosocial individuals. There is a reason that summer camps have been around for at least 130 years; they are an effective tool for prevention and intervention.

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Camp Colley Foundation Golf Classic 2016

Camp Colley Foundation held the 11th annual golf tournament fundraiser at Aguila Golf Course on April 9, 2016. A great group of golfers joined us for a day of perfect weather, delicious food from Little Miss BBQ, golf, and lots of prizes! Thank you for spending... read more
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