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Camp Colley Foundation is celebrating the growth of its Board of Directors and staff team to more successfully achieve its mission to provide outdoor education programming to underserved Phoenix children for positive learning and growth.

Mac Woods, an associate with Osborn Maledon who practices education law to expand Arizona children’s access to quality learning, has joined the Camp Colley Foundation Board of Directors. Mac will help position the organization to deepen its impact and expand services to Phoenix children. Mac will also help expand Camp Colley’s program offerings to third parties as a means to generate scholarship dollars to send underserved Phoenix children to camp.

Danny Moran, the Senior Marketing Manager at Plexus Worldwide- a health and wellness company- is passionate about promoting learning and growth for marginalized and underserved in the Phoenix community. Danny will lend his skillsets in marketing and design to advance the Foundation’s recognition as Phoenix’s premier summer camp program. Danny will also continue building the success of S’mores & Scholarships at our second annual event this fall.

Lastly, Jessica Voss has joined the Camp Colley team as the organization’s Camp Program Director. Jessica will lead program design and development to maximize campers’ educational learning and social-emotional skill development at camp. Jessica has been involved with Camp Colley since 2012 and will ensure the traditions and culture continue to live on under the Foundation’s leadership. Jessica is excited to rejoin the Camp Colley family!

Camp Colley Foundation is thankful for the community support that has allowed this organizational growth. A deeper impact will be made at Camp Colley in 2020 and beyond.


Richard Berg, Executive Director

Camp Colley Foundation