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We know that children learn and grow at Camp Colley in ways that are unique to the camp experience. This development in our children only happens through actively participating at camp, and we believe opportunity gaps deepen when children do not have the means to participate. That is why Camp Colley is so proud of its efforts to provide camp scholarships to more than 450 Phoenix children each year.

Camp helps children bridge societal divides that often keep them in silos. Geographic location, socio-economic status, culture, race and other factors limit children from building friendships with kids and adults from other walks of life. Camp Colley’s  campers come from all over Phoenix and our staff come from all over the United States. The only requirement to be a camper is a desire to explore the wonder and magic of nature.

Camp provides an environment where unstructured learning occurs. Now more than ever, kids need to step away from screens and explore the outdoors and learn from the environment they are immersed in at camp. Camp Colley helps develop the whole child—emotionally, educationally, and physically. With over 58 hours of programs and activities crammed into a week at Camp Colley, participants don’t stop moving until they board their bus back to Phoenix.

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Camp Colley integrates standards of learning from the Arizona Department of Education in our program curriculum to ensure we offer an experiential environment that helps kids learn in ways that are best for them. Hands-on activities allows kids to try new things, overcome their fears, and develop critical-thinking skills.

Camp Colley helps bridge summer learning loss by engaging children in meaningful programs to inspire thinking and self-discovery. The surface has not even been scratched to understand the impact that the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent remote education has had on our children over the last year. We feel certain that children need summer camp now more than ever before.

Help us send 480 Phoenix children to Camp Colley this summer so each child in our community can reap the benefits of attending camp this summer. Please consider making a financial contribution today.