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Make a difference in a child's life.

How You Can Help

$30 — 1 day of meals and snacks for one camper

$50 — Round-trip transportation for 1 to Camp Colley on the Mogollon Rim

$100 — 1 day of camp programming for one low-income child

$250 — 3-day camp experience w/transportation for one child

$500 — 5-day camp experience w/transportation for one child

$750 — 5 weeks of room and board for 1 participant in the Camp Colley kitchen work-learning program for disconnected youth

$1200 — Sponsor 4 children to attend a 3-day camp experience (with transportation)

$2000 — Training and stipend for 1 camp counselor for entire summer camp season

$3000 — 5 days of food and meal preparation for 20 children at camp

$4000 — Transportation, camp programming, and meals for 3 days to 13 low-income kids and i chaperone

$6000 — Training and stipend for 3 camp counselors for the entire summer camp season

$8000 — Sponsor 26 children from a Title 1 school for a 3-day camp program

$20,000 — establish a scholarship with naming rights

$1,000,000 — Complete 3 additional cabins at Camp Colley + naming rights and a weekend stay at camp!

If you prefer to mail a check, click the link below and print the form to send with your donation.

Download Donation Form

Thank you!

Camp Colley Foundation
Winship House
216 W Portland St
Phoenix AZ 85003