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Perspectives from Youth in the Camp Colley Job Training Program

In Phoenix, 1 in 5 of our young adults ages 16-24 are neither working nor in school. It is the highest rate in the nation. This demographic is referred to “Disconnected Youth” or “Opportunity Youth.”

In 2015 Camp Colley partnered with ACYR to provide job training and work experience to disconnected youth as a continuation of our mission to help youth transition successfully into adulthood.
There are three main aspects to the Camp Colley Job Training and Social Emotional Learning for Disconnected Young Adults Program: “soft skills” training, on-the-job training, and life-enriching experiences in nature. Soft skills training, such as preparing a resume, learning how to interview for a job, and basic communication skills are taught at ACYR before the intern goes to camp to have on-the-job training.
The third component of the work experience program is the life-enriching experiences that come from time spent in nature. The outdoor activities and immersion in nature is available to the work-training participants during off-work hours. For many of the young adults in this program it is the first time they have been exposed to outdoor recreation and the transformative effects nature has on mental and emotional wellbeing.
Included below are the experiences and perspectives of several interns from Camp Season 2016.
  • “I learned how to communicate better with my peers, and I made many new friends.” -DD
  • ¬†“I felt I grew more as a person there to be able to finally mature and see why it’s so important to follow and lead.” -CB
  • “Going to camp was a good experience for me.¬†Next year, I plan to go back to Camp Colley as a Camp Counselor, so I can mentor kids.” -DS
  • “I had lots of fun doing all the activities like horse backing riding, canoeing, and archery. These activities taught me to be a team player, hard worker and how to take care of my responsibilities.” -IG
  • “I believed that my experience at Camp Colley improved my social skill and I gained an insight into how it will be like to work in a real world situation. I learned to work with people, not just of my age but of different ages, in a friendly and productive way.” -J.
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