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Why Does Camp Colley offer Family Camp?

We’ve all heard of risk factors that contribute to negative outcomes for youth and problems within families. Living in low socio-economic (low SES) circumstances is a persistent risk factor with far-reaching negative impact.

Families living in poverty, or low SES circumstances, not only have the “normal struggles” that raising children brings but must also combat the harmful impacts of poverty
Parents and children often have increased feelings of stress and alienation from financial insecurity, food insecurity, lack of time and energy for positive parenting, and very often the sense of being different and less worthwhile. For children, the negative impact of stress and unhappiness may be indirect and direct  as they experience the impact stress has on their parents as well as themselves.
Protective Factors are the positive counterpoint to risk factors. Relationships with caring, responsible adults (including parents), strong family connections, healthy recreation and hobbies, and resilience are among the most impactful protective factors. When present, they increase positive outcomes for children, families, and communities.
Weekend Family Camp at Camp Colley provides the time, space, and nurturing environment for families to connect and build these protective factors in their lives. Time away from the daily stressors in their lives provides opportunity to interact and relate with each other in meaningful ways that strengthen relationships. The natural, “wilderness” environment of Camp Colley provides solace and improves mental and emotional well-being. The activities and outdoor recreation are opportunities to try new things and accomplish “hard things.” The struggle of these challenges and experiencing success upon completion is the foundation for building self-confidence and resilience.
Camp Colley is a prevention strategy to support youth and families before life circumstances and risk factors harm and derail their lives. 
Connect disadvantaged youth to what they need to succeed.
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