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Virtual Environmental Learning Program

Children and families are invited to activate their brains and enjoy time outdoors through our virtual summer program, created in response to program limitations due to COVID-19.

Welcome to the Camp Colley Foundation’s first-ever Virtual Program! The Camp Colley Foundation provides wilderness experiences and environmental education for Phoenix children to nurture healthy development and resilience, foster meaningful relationships, and encourage wilderness exploration. We’ve prepared a series of nine different activities designed for kids to have fun, learn, and connect with nature right from their home. The activity topics are:

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt (español)
  2. Leaf Art (español)
  3. You’re A Geologist! (español)
  4. Plants of Arizona: Floral Luminary (español)
  5. Milk Jug Bird Feeder (español)
  6. Windowsill Terrarium (español)
  7. Birds, Bugs, and Bats: Our Desert Pollinators (español)
  8. T-shirt Upcycle (español)
  9. Create Your Own Sundial (español)

Each activity has an instructional sheet that can each be found by clicking each of the links above. Along with each instructional sheet are video guides to walk you through the activity.

Click Here to Access our YouTube Channel That Includes Instructional Videos for Each Activity

The activity sheet tells you what you can expect to learn, resources to get you started in your learning, a list of materials, and instructions to complete the hands-on portion. These activities utilize common household items, emphasizing the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling – or “upcycling”, in the case of many of our activities. We recommend a responsible adult’s assistance and supervision for most of our activities, particularly those that may call for use of scissors, a glue gun, etc.

We hope that the activities in this program inspire you to get creative, ask questions, grow your curiosity about the natural world around you, and explore opportunities to grow closer to nature in your community. If you enjoy these activities, you’re going to love summer camp at Camp Colley!