New Social Security Disability Rules After Age 50 In 2024 – Know Benefits & Claims

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The US government provides significant financial support through Social Security payments, available to eligible US citizens. These benefits are adjusted based on various national standards like income, cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), and disability status. In 2023, Social Security Benefits increased by 3.2% due to COLA adjustments.

Applicants start receiving payments once they meet the requirements set by the SSA. This article will cover legitimate reasons for applying for Social Security payments starting at age 62. For a full understanding of Social Security Disability Rules after age 50, continue reading below.


Social Security Disability Rules After Age 50

The Social Security Administration manages various social programs provided by the US federal government. One of these programs is monthly SSI benefits, available to seniors aged 60 and older across the country.

Starting in June 2024, these beneficiaries will receive monthly payments from the SSA, which can be used for expenses like rent, furniture, and medical bills. The SSA oversees multiple programs including SSDI, VA benefits, and SSI for seniors, ensuring funds are deposited into the bank accounts of eligible individuals every month.


By age 62, 27% of employed Americans receive Social Security benefits, increasing to over 12% by age 65. Eligibility for these benefits requires following Social Security Disability Rules after age 50 to meet qualifying criteria.

Does Age Influence Social Security Disability Claims?

The Social Security Administration will evaluate your eligibility for Social Security Disability in 2024 based on various factors, including how old you are. Applicants who are 50 or older often receive special consideration. Even if they can only do light work, people over 50 may still qualify for benefits.


For those over 50 to qualify, they must show they can no longer do their previous job or adjust to new kinds of work. Turning 50 is crucial because it marks a significant rule in deciding disability benefits.

The Medical-Vocational Guidelines are the rules that apply to this age group. These guidelines consider factors like age, education level, work experience, and whether skills can be transferred to new jobs.


Eligibility For Social Security Disability Benefit 2024

To be eligible for SSDI payments, applicants must meet these requirements:

  1. Adults and children with limited income.
  2. Individuals aged 65 or older.
  3. People aged 64 or older who have disabilities.
  4. Blind individuals.
  5. Those recognized as handicapped.

Social Security Disability Rules After Age 50

Getting disability benefits can be easier after age 50. Social Security sees individuals aged 50 to 55 as nearing advanced age, which comes with additional conditions for qualifying. According to the Social Security Administration, people over 50 are seen as less adaptable to new careers and less likely to switch professions, even if they are in good health.


For applicants under 50 to qualify for disability benefits, they must prove they cannot work in any capacity. However, after turning 50, applicants only need to show they cannot continue in their previous jobs or fields of work.

Apply For Social Security Disability Benefit 2024 

If you meet the requirements, here’s how to apply:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Use the tools provided to download the online application.
  3. Fill out the form with your information accurately.
  4. Upload the required documents as prompted.
  5. Submit the completed form.

You may also be scheduled for a phone call or an in-person meeting at SSA offices as part of the process.


What benefits does the US government provide through Social Security?

Social Security payments offer financial support adjusted for income, cost-of-living changes, and disability status. In 2023, benefits increased by 3.2% due to COLA adjustments.


How does age affect Social Security Disability claims?

Age is a significant factor in determining eligibility for Social Security Disability. Applicants aged 50 or older often receive special consideration, even if they can only perform light work.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in 2024?

Eligibility for SSDI payments includes adults and children with limited income, individuals aged 65 or older, those aged 64 or older with disabilities, blind individuals, and those recognized as handicapped.


Are there specific rules for Social Security Disability after age 50?

Yes, individuals aged 50 to 55 are considered nearing advanced age by Social Security. They face additional conditions for qualifying, as they may find it harder to adapt to new careers.

How can I apply for Social Security Disability benefits in 2024?

To apply, visit, download the application, fill it out accurately with your information, upload required documents, and submit the completed form. You may also need to attend a scheduled phone call or in-person meeting at an SSA office.


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