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As more information surfaces on our community’s necessary response to keep us safe amidst COVID-19 it has become clear that our 2020 season is not a guarantee. As a response, we have begun contingency planning to ensure our campers have access to nature-based learning and growth this year.

One alternative plan is delaying the start our season by one month and offering 5 weeks of programming at the end of June through July. These sessions would mirror the same program design that we have developed over the last several months and would simply shorten our summer.

If COVID-19 has not cleared up in time for our camp season to safely operate, we will move to overnight weekend camps throughout the fall and spring. This new program design would bring Phoenix kids to weekend-long retreats at Camp Colley where they will have the chance to hike, mountain bike, participate in campfires and astronomy activities, and learn about environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Depending on how our 2020 season unfolds, our goal is to bring at least 200 children to Camp Colley before the start of our 2021 season.

Our eye is on the bullseye: to provide opportunities for Phoenix children to experience positive learning and growth in nature. More than ever Phoenix children need safe and constructive access to the outdoors. We are prepared to mobilize our resources to send groups of kids into nature for learning and growth as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. Wishing you health and wellness as we navigate this difficult time together.

Stay tuned to our monthly e-newsletters to learn about our ongoing COVID-19 program response plan.


Richard Berg, Executive Director

Camp Colley Foundation