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Meaningful Connections Happen at Camp Colley

Camp Colley is all about connections. Our program is designed to connect kids to nature, self-confidence, and relationships. These are protective and promotive factors for youth.
Nature is inherently fascinating and challenging- providing space to learn both cognitively and emotionally. Many of our kids have never been outside of their urban environment. At Camp Colley, they feel the connection to something larger than themselves and can envision larger possibilities for their lives.
Camp Colley intentionally provides recreation that our campers have never done before. Mountain biking, canoeing, or archery become healthy risk-taking opportunities- a crucial component for youth to develop decision-making skills and self-confidence. Connecting kids to their ability to make good decisions and try new things builds self-confidence that leads to success in other areas of their lives.
Learning new things, trying something for the first time, and meeting new people stretches campers out of their comfort zone. This opens the door for campers to connect with their peers and camp counselors in meaningful ways as they face the unknown together.
The messages we receive from kids after their time at Camp Colley indicate that they are feeling these connections, even if they don’t know what to call it. This is what they tell us:
  • “I love Camp Colley. Next time I want to stay longer!” -KM
  • “My favorite part was canoeing- even though I tipped over the first time! Next time I want to canoe for the whole day.” -AR
  • “I want to come back and have my same counselor next year.” -JC
  • “Next year I would love to work in the kitchen and also have time to explore the camp more.” -RS
  • “I want to come back next year to be a camp counselor for other kids.” -CP
Connect disadvantaged youth to what they need to succeed.
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